Zakharchenko sez that 300 Junta Militants Dead and Wounded in Attack near Donetsk Airport

Voices from Russia

00 A V Zakharchenko 02. DNR. Donetsk. 24.03.15


Today,DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko told reporters, “Yesterday, near Donetsk airport and Spartak, the VSN and Ukrainian nationalist battalions clashed. Two enemy companies attacked from two directions, but we repulsed them. In this battle, we destroyed 8 pieces of enemy equipment, with many Ukrainian soldiers killed and wounded. Thanks to radio intercepts, we found out that they evacuated about 300 wounded combatants from the combat zone”. He noted that junta forces efforts to shove nationalist units that didn’t want to honour the ceasefire towards VSN positions exacerbated the situation facing the DNR, “They want to use us to destroy them”.

16 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Note two things… firstly, the junta doesn’t trust its own army! It flings those that it doesn’t like in bootless frontal assaults on the VSN. This was an uncoördinated assault, and the VSN easily beat it back, killing or wounding most of…

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