DNR Government Sources Report Tense Situation on the Contact Line

Voices from Russia

00 dnr. novorossya. 17.04.15


Government sources in DNR areas abutting the line of contact told us that the situation’s tense due to junta provocations, especially, in Telmanovo and Yasinovataya Raions. Sergei Ivanov, head of the Telmanovo Raion RGA* said, “In Telmanovo Raion, the situation on the frontline remains tense. Shelling from the Ukrainian forces hit towns such as Novolaspa, New Marevka, Grigorovka, Tavricheskoe, and Michurino near the line of contact, which destroyed 25 to 84 houses. In Staromarevka, they destroyed 11 houses, in Nikolaevka, they destroyed 22, and they destroyed five in Belokamenka”. In the early morning hours of 26 April, junta forces fired at Novaya Marevka with Grad MLRSs, causing property damage and killing one of our soldiers. Ivanov noted, “Irregular units not under the command of the regular forces carry out most of the attacks”.

  • RGA: Raion State Administration, administrative apparat of a raion (level below Oblast/Krai/Republic)

Yuri Korsar, the…

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