Junta Signed Ceasefire Accord with LNR and DNR

Voices from Russia

00 #savedonbasspeople 07. 29.05.14.


00 Uniate fascists. 09.09.14

THIS is why the DNR and LNR can’t trust the junta’s word… the Galician Uniates are pro-Nazi liars; the Ukrainian nationalists have a history of breaking their agreements, and that’s that. I hope that the present ceasefire works… but the last time, the Uniates broke their word (does that surprise you?) and used the time to build up their forces and stabbed the LNR/DNR in the back. Any agreement with Uniates is a mere scrap of paper and one must watch them at all times… after all, they’re nothing but the Roman Curia’s attack dogs against Orthodoxy (as the present war showed in spades).


Interfax reported that sources close to the events told them that representatives of the Kiev junta and the DNR/LNR delegates a cease-fire. The source said, “They signed the protocol of the ceasefire from at 18.00 on Friday. It contained 14 items, including all aspects of control…

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