Basurin sez Junta Militants Tried to Seize Heights on the Gorlovka Approaches

Voices from Russia

00 E A Basurin 02. 04.06.15


Today, DNR Deputy Defence Minister E А Basurin told a briefing in Donetsk that junta forces beefed up its frontline units in an attempt to launch an offensive deep into the DNR, “Today, at about 14.20, enemy forces attacked our units on the northwestern outskirts of Gorlovka, in an attempt to capture dominant heights in the area. After a massive artillery barrage, enemy units converged on Shumy and Maiorska, infantry supported by BMP MICVs tried to seize the heights near Mines 6 and 7. Our troops gave them stiff resistance, so, after a fierce battle that lasted about 90 minutes, the Ukrainian aggressors lost two MICVs and 13 men killed and wounded, and we drove them back to their starting line. We’ve stabilised the situation around Gorlovka. They’re making no more major attempts to storm our units there. Their shelling of the city is over”.

On 3 June, there was an earlier…

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