9 June 2015. THIS is Why Joe Biden is a Monster and Why All Decent People Should Oppose Him

Voices from Russia

00 novorossiya. dead kids 01. 06.06.15.jpg-large

These children suffered as a direct result of Joe Biden’s hate-filled policies. I spit on him and all who stand with him.


00 novorossiya. dead kids. 06.06.15.jpg-large


00 novorossiya. sasha 4-yo. 06.06.15


The most formative influence on the young Joe Biden was a hate-filled Croat pro-Ustaše RC priest. The young Biden learned hatred of Russians and Serbs from this pro-Nazi mentor. Joe Biden is neck-deep in the present war of aggression in Novorossiya. His surviving son is a member of a US corporation intent on robbing the natural resources of Novorossiya to enrich the American Affluent Effluent. So, Biden has CLASS? I think not… he does have plenty of CRASS… and all those who think that this butcher has “class” share in the guilt of his war crimes and depredations. Joe Biden isn’t a good man. We’ve given him the minimum that custom calls for… now, it’s time to fight this satanic and grasping buccaneer with everything…

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