OFFICIAL Greetings of DNR Peoples Soviet to President of the Russian Federation on Russia Day

Voices from Russia

00 Tsar Nikolai Pavlovich. 01.11.14



Greatly respected Vladimir Vladimirovich!

Please accept our sincere greetings on this state holiday… Russia Day! This holiday is the same age as the new post-Soviet Russia. It marks one of the most significant turning points in the millennium-long history of your country… the adoption of the Declaration of Sovereignty in 1990. It celebrates love and respect for country, a symbol of national unity. Thanks to your personal efforts, to your wise and effective policies, and your dedication and boundless love for the motherland, the Russian people are proud of Great Russia, and have confidence in the future. I sincerely thank you for your personal support and for the invaluable assistance that Russia offered us in such a difficult time. I thank Russia for its active participation in ensuring the effective protection of the rights of its Russian compatriots and of Russian Federation citizens living in the DNR. Please accept our sincere…

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