17 June 2015. A Translated Russian Demot… Save Novorossiya Kids

Voices from Russia

00 save the kids of novorossiya. 170615


The image in the demot above is from Israel… that doesn’t matter. It illustrates perfectly what kids go through in all the lands that suffer under American-instigated aggression and warfare. It could be Gaza… it could be Yemen… it could be Pakistan… it could be Novorossiya… it could be Syria or Iraq… it happens to be Israel, which suffers because of an extremist government propped up by the USA (sounds like the Kiev putschist junta, doesn’t it?). Tiny kids hear the civil defence sirens… and know what to do. Isn’t that disgusting? Isn’t that obscene?

You know whom to thank… Butcher Biden… Stooge Cruz… Chilly Hilly… Hero McCain… they all shill for perpetual warfare as it benefits them personally. This is what America has become… a Moloch that devours children to enrich the Country Club set. “Pro-Life”… “Pro-Choice”… it doesn’t matter when there’s money to be made, kids. I…

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