The situation on the ground in Ukraine is very different from the scenario played out here. Understand the US and its goal and understand the history of Ukraine and you will very quickly realise that the US did its homework many years ago….in fact many years before the collapse of the Soviet Union thanks to Gorbachev. The plan was laid during WW2 and when the war finished the US rished to gain as much of its financial investments and knowhow that had been ploughed into pre WW2 Germany as it could. The invasion of France was as de Gaulle commented afterwards….never an attempt to free france but the quickest way to get to nazi Germany. After the war was over the Ukrainian Nazi Stefan Bandera fled to Germany, specifically Western Germany and US controlled Munich. Why? Simply because he was supported by the US without which he could not have lived in a post war europe. Forward to the recent years and Bandera has been made a hero of the people……..again for a reason….to drive a wedge between Western and Eastern Ukraine. The American Intelligence had done its homework and knew that the peoples in Eastern Ukraine would never support a coup where Nazis were put in power. Had nazis not been put in power, had the East been represented, had the Russian language, spoken by almost all in the Donbass not been outlawed then it is quite possible that the East would have agreed with the West……but …and this is a big but…..this was never the intention of the US. The intention was to drive a wedge between the two and create a situation where conflict would be started. By this method the US could attain its real goal/s……which had nothing to do with Ukraine itself at all. The goal was Russia, specifically Putin and his government of Russia. The US was….and still aims to dethrone the great leader, install its chosen governors after having caused Russia to be broken into smaller states. Reason? Resources and raw materials of which Russia has an abundance and which US corporations would get to exploit and a Russia that was no longer a threat to the US domination of the world. To date this has not gone as planned… to plan two…..lets try and draw in China….Basically along similar lines…..just think…if the US can draw in China and issue sanctions, I am sure those sanctions will include a cancelling at some point of hte trillions of dollars of US debt that China owns. In addition any conflict or indeed the potential of one is a nice little revenue earner in the US arms industry and hopefully pick up the US economy….. So there is the plan. As with all plans things can and do go wrong and so far all the methods used by the US to draw Russia into conflict including MH 017 have failed.

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