Nearly 1,600 People Classified as “Missing” in Junta-Occupied DNR per Captured Putschist Documents

Voices from Russia

Handcuffed Suspect


Our sources told us that documents of the so-called putschist “Donetsk Oblast Genprokuratura” indicate that there were 1,592 missing persons in junta-occupied areas.  One document noted, “This year, the number of missing persons in the oblast (sic) continues to grow substantially. As of 1 June 2015, there are already 1,592 people missing”. The text also details the operational and search activities of junta police in the putschist-occupied DNR, “Over the first five months of this year, we confirmed the whereabouts of 208 missing persons. In these cases, our office considers the search closed. With a marked increase in the number of missing, we only found 13 percent of those so classified”. The documents emphasise that the number of missing is increasing significantly in junta-occupied territory, especially in Artyomovsk, Mariupol, Selidovo, Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, and Dzerzhinsk, and in Maryinsk Raion. A junta Genprokuratura report stated, “There is a significantly increased number of missing persons…

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