Plotnitsky sez Russian Aid Will Make Novosvetlovsky Hospital One of the Best in the LNR

Voices from Russia

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LNR Chairman of the Government I V Plotnitsky said that aid from the Russian people and government wouldn’t only restore the war-ravaged Novosvetlovsky Hospital, but also make it one of the best in the country. Today, the hospital received over 10 million Roubles worth of new medical equipment from Russia. Plotnitsky noted, “Thanks to the Russian Federal government, the Donbass Homeland Foundation, and personal donations from Iosif Davydovich (Kobzon), now, we can hope that Novosvetlovsky Hospital will be one of the best in the Republic. Many thanks to everyone that helped us, and to the Russian Federation, for being sympathetic to our problems”. Then, Chairman Plotnitsky thanked two of the RF MChS drivers who made multiple humanitarian aid runs to the LNR, and awarded them each the LNR commemorative medal “70 Years of Victory”. Yakov Samushiya, Vice President of the Donbass Homeland Foundation, said, “The medicines and equipment we received today…

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