OFFICIAL Greetings of the DNR Peoples Soviet on 25 June…Day of Slavic Friendship and Unity

Voices from Russia

00 Day of Slavic Unity and Friendship. 250615



This festival of Slavic Friendship and Unity comes out of the very roots of the traditions and customs of the Slavic peoples. Slavs are the majority of the population in many countries, there are about 270 million throughout the world. This festival is a clear indication that man-made laws and artificial boundaries can’t divide a culture formed over the centuries. Our memory of and pride in the great past of the founders and creators of our common distinct culture will unite us forever. Every person has the duty to respect their roots and love their motherland… to study and faithfully preserve the centuries-old cultural heritage of the Slavic peoples, to keep our traditions and values, and to care for our antiquities. I extend my greetings to everyone from the fraternal Slavic peoples on this Day of Slavic Friendship and Unity. Together… we have real strength. History shows that you can’t break and…

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