27 June 2015. Graffiti Seen in Lvov: “правительство жидов и убийц…” Nasty Shit… BAD NEWS for the Junta

Voices from Russia

00 the pro-american liberal pigs 1. 29.07.14


00 VSN. Novorossiya. To Kiev! 26.03.15


We're Going to Kiev! 26.08.14


This graffiti was up in Lvov: правительство жидов и убийц… Government of Yids and Killers (literal translation). Somebody in the Lvovshchina ain’t happy… NOT good news for Rabbit and Choco Loco is it? Galicia has suffered a disproportionate number of casualties in the War of National Liberation in Novorossiya. Mostly, this was due to zealot Uniate nationalists flocking to the junta’s new quasi-SS “National Guard”… units led by Uniate nationalist military incompetents, which has led to a massive and heartrending butcher’s bill (anyone who doesn’t feel for the pain of the families receiving the body of their son in a coffin is a brutish dolt, and I say so openly). Today, the draft evasion rate in the Lvovshchina is as high as in the rest of the country, if not higher (mirabile dictu!). If this continues, the Lvovshchina could fall to the patriots… after all, if 38 percent of the voters in the…

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