28 June 2015. Signs of the Times in the Lvovshchina… The Writing on the Graffiti on the Walls of Lvov… Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin, po-Galitsianskomu…

Voices from Russia

00 lvov ukraine graffiti 01. 280615

Junta + USA = Death. RUIN!


00 lvov ukraine graffiti 02. 280615

The Ukie media is for goofs!


00 lvov ukraine graffiti 03. 280615

Please note! Пидор is one of the WORST words in the Russian “mat” vocabulary, it’s the Russian equivalent of “motherfucker” or “faggot”.  Literally (with no intent of either anti-Semitism or anti-gay hatred on my part), the above graffito reads, “[We’re] ruled by killers and Yid thieves! Faggots!”


I need add nothing. This is in Lvov… the heart and epicentre of “Ukrainian” nationalism. Sic transit gloria mundi…


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