Purgin sez Poroshenko’s Remarks in re the Ukrainian Constitution are Nonsensical

Voices from Russia

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A E Purgin, Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet, stated that all the remarks of junta strongman P A Poroshenko in re amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution are nonsensical, as he didn’t consult with the DNR and LNR first, as the Minsk Agreement stipulates. He said, “All that Poroshenko said about alleged changes they’re making in Kiev is absolutely nonsensical and manipulative. The package of measures to implement the Minsk Agreement of 12 February stipulated that the DNR and LNR must vet all changes to the constitution. However, they sought no agreement with us, so, all this won’t pass muster. The Constitutional Commission is doing its own thing; our representatives don’t know anything about these changes. Similarly, without seeking consent from the DNR and LNR, they’ve already adopted on the first reading laws on the People’s Guard, and local government, despite the fact that the Minsk Agreement directly stipulates that they…

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