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89-year-old Patricia Thompson is a professor of philosophy Lehmann College City University of New York and the author of over 20 books

The daughter of poet Vladimir Mayakovsky Patricia Thompson© Yury Mashkov / ITAR-TASS
NEW YORK, July 2. / Correspondent. Ivan Pil’shchikov TASS /. Living in New York, the only daughter of Soviet poet Vladimir Mayakovsky (1893-1930) Patricia Thompson wants to re-learn the Russian language and obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation. She spoke about it on Wednesday in an interview with Tass.
“I spoke in Russian to five years. Of course, I remember some words that are heard the child,” yes, “” no, “” thank you “,” please “,” stop “,” impossible “, – noted Thomson, preferring to her accessed Elena. – However, I would like to really remember the Russian language, it is returned to me part of my inner being lost. If I had someone regularly communicate in Russian, it probably would again master the language. ”
Yuri Kolokolnikov play Vladimir Mayakovsky
“I would like to be closer to Russia – admitted the 89-year-old daughter of the great poet, who is a professor of philosophy Lehmann College of the City University of New York and the author of over 20 books. – I have long I want to get a Russian passport. This process seems to be started, but then, obviously, something has stopped. And I still very much like to have Russian citizenship. ”
About Russia and the US
Thompson, who spent her life in the US, eagerly watching Russian TV programs in English. She regularly carves American newspaper articles about Russia, and adds them to his personal archive. One of the latter included in his notes, which she demonstrated corr. TASS news agency, dedicated to the death of Yevgeny Primakov. According to Thompson, it collects clippings archive “can give an idea of ​​how prejudice is fed with information on many Russian media outlets in the United States.” “Americans have a limited and largely distorted view of what is happening in Russia. In Russia’s achievements, including in the social sphere. I do think that the Russians are smarter than Americans – said Thompson. – Without Russia, we would have no helicopters, no TV, it’s an invention (aircraft designer Igor) and Sikorsky (engineer Vladimir) Zworykin. ”
The deepest disappointment with the daughter of the great poet was the fact that in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War in Moscow, did not participate neither President Barack Obama nor Secretary of State John Kerry. “I personally felt insulted – said Thompson. – The decision was simply not acceptable, given the sacrifices went to the Soviet Union for the sake of the future of the world, including for the future of the United States, and how many Soviet citizens died in the war. We all We could speak German today. ”
About Mayakovsky
However, Thompson was pleasantly surprised that this year US Secretary of State in the congratulation of Russian national holiday – the Day of Russia, which is celebrated on June 12 – and mentioned her father. In a statement, Kerry on this occasion said that this year marks the 90th anniversary of Mayakovsky’s trip to the United States, which was later reflected in several of his works. “Maybe I still should write a thank you letter to the State Department” – said Thompson. For her trip Mayakovsky in the US it is of particular importance, because it is during this journey the poet met with her mother – an immigrant from Russia Elizabeth Siebert, that after her marriage and departure in the US began to call Ellie Jones. Mayakovsky was on American soil in 1925 and spent several months in the country. His only daughter was born in New York in June 1926.
The manuscript of the poem Mayakovsky “declared war” was sold in the US for $ 43 thousand.
At a meeting with Trend. Tass on the neck Thompson was a pendant with a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge – one of the most famous in the city. “I put it is no coincidence – she said. – It’s a sense the symbol of the love of my mother and father. It was on this bridge they walked for a long time.” “Now many people talk about what kind of women Mayakovsky loved more than any other – said Thompson. – And I think, more importantly, which of them loved him most of all. I am sure that it was my mother. She went for him great sacrifices . After all, she knew that he would go, but did not have an abortion. And she never received help from him. ”
Mayakovsky Thompson have seen only once – in Nice, in 1928, at the age of about two and a half years. But this meeting was remembered little Ellie as it was then called the parents of a lifetime. “I remember his long legs. He put me on my knees and I started digging through his papers. My mother then scolded me and said that I did not do it,” – she remembered. Many years later, Thompson came to Russia and, looking through the manuscripts of the poet in the archive, one of them saw the small, obviously made by hand a child drawing of a flower. “Exactly the same flowers I drew as a child. It seems that during this time, and I scolded my mother. Says a lot about what my father for so long kept this figure – noted Thompson. – This shows how much he loved his” two alley ” – me and my mother. ”
Thompson also said that it is ready at any time to pass the Russian researchers family archive material relating to the life of Mayakovsky and his personal library.
“I have 40 folders of archival materials – explained the poet’s daughter. – I’d love to take them to the Museum of Mayakovsky, to have access to them, Russian scholars. They can pick them up at any time.” According to her, the archive includes photographs, documents and manuscripts that tell about the perfect 90 years ago Mayakovsky’s trip to the United States, as well as the mother’s Thompson – an immigrant from Russia Elizabeth Siebert, that after marriage in the United States began to call Ellie Jones. With it, the poet met during his stay in New York in 1925.
In Moscow, Vladimir Mayakovsky remember
There are among these materials letter of Mayakovsky and he made drawings. On one of them depicts Jones, emitting lightning from his eyes in the direction of the poet humbly bowed his head. “They then little quarrel, quarrel” – explained Thompson. On the other – Mayakovsky blocking the passage to the house Jones all visitors. “She had a lot of fans, and of course he suffered,” – said the daughter of the poet. It is not excluded that this is the only Mayakovsky made drawings of his beloved woman. “I have no information that he ever painted of other women with whom he had a romantic relationship” – added Thompson.
In its library, which she would like to convey to Russia more than a thousand scientific and artistic books, including rare and valuable editions. Thompson hopes that this literature can be useful to scientists in Russia. “I collected the books for many years the editor, educator, psychologist. I can not afford to send them to Russia itself, but I’m willing to give it at any time” – she pointed out.
Thompson said that she would be happy to help those who are professionally engaged in the research of creativity Mayakovsky in Russia. “I am very interested in the details and precise chronology of his trip to Nice in 1928 – she said. – With the ability to work with files inaccessible to me, they could clarify many points.” This trip to Nice Mayakovsky is especially important for Thompson, because then there was her only meeting with her father, she still remembers.
Famous designers have expressed their views on the figure of Mayakovsky
In the next six months, Thomson intends to complete an autobiographical book. It is, presumably, will be called “My daughter. The Untold Story of American Mayakovsky’s love child.” The word “daughter” used by chance, that he wrote to one of the pages in his diary a poet; According to Thompson, there is no doubt that we are talking about it. “This word shows his attitude,” – she said. Thompson has not yet decided whether to write the title of the new book “dotchka” Latin or translate it into English.
Thompson is the author of several other books on Mayakovsky, some of them translated into Russian. “Much of what is known about him, not quite correspond to reality, or does not correspond at all, I think that some things about the life of Mayakovsky, open only in the future,” – she said.

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