Slavyanoserbsk Removes “Ukrainian” Symbolism, Starting with Public Transport Stops

Voices from Russia

00 Slavnoserbsk. publc transport stop. lnr. lugansk pr. 070715


Work to remove all “Ukrainian” symbols began today in Slavyanoserbsk, where local authorities started the changeover by redoing the public transport stops. Andrei Zagorodnyuk, head of the Slavyanoserbsk GRA*, told us, “Through orders from the Chairman of the LNR Government and the initiative of the NGO World of Lugansk, Slavyanoserbsk began to eliminate ‘Ukrainian’ symbols. We started with public transport stops; we repainted them and put up the World of Lugansk logo. Shortly, we’ll repaint the marker at the city entrance”. On 2 July, at a meeting with heads of GMAs* and GRAs, LNR Chairman of the Government I V Plotnitsky said that local administrations should allocate funds to eliminate all “Ukrainian” symbols.

  • GMA: State Municipal Administration, administrative apparat of a city
  • GRA: State Raion Administration, administrative apparat of a raion

7 July 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre

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