Unknown Perps Murder Priest and Nun in Kiev… Smells like Galician Uniate Nationalist Scumbags to Me

Voices from Russia

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On Wednesday morning, in Kiev, Orthodox Priest Roman Nikolaev died in the 41st year of his life after suffering severe gunshot wounds. The official UPTs/MP website announced, “We’ll announce the site of the funeral and burial of the newly-departed murdered Priest Roman Nikolaev later”. The incident involving Fr Roman (pastor of Martyr Tatyana of Rome parish in Obolon Deanery of Kiev) happened during the night of 26 July. Two unknown perps with guns shot him twice in the head. After the attack, they fled, a neighbour found the priest sprawled on the steps of his home and called the cops. They determined that the perps didn’t rob Fr Roman. Fr Roman was comatose before he died.


On Wednesday the Union of Orthodox Brotherhoods of the Ukraine told us that Nun Alevtina (of the sisterhood of the Florovsky Monastery of the Holy Ascension) was found murdered in her apartment in Kiev, saying, “We…

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