The Ukrainian junta now threatens to throw everything it’s got against Novorossya.
May I remind the citizens of the west, not only is this an attack on the forces against an oppressive neo fascist regime, it will also be an attempt to break that most fundamental of International Law, the mass slaughter of innocent civilians as laid down in the Geneva convention over 60 years ago.
It should also be made clear to the western European population that every country with NATO troops in the Ukraine will be a party to this abomination.
Don’t think your soldiers will merely sit on the sidelines watching. Your Governments are giving support to these murderers and your armies will become involved in this war crime!
Why on Earth do you think these merciless dogs have boldly made this threat?
To the Countries in NATO, time to call on those in power to stop lying to you about the reasons your sons and daughters are there.
Demand they bring them back as men and women, not murderers!
Leave the Genocidal scum in Kiev to the fate they deserve!

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