Post-Maidan Ukraine: Whites Only Pools and Segregated Transportation

Voices from Russia

00 Ukrainian Catholic Consciousness 01. 06.10.14


Although Western media touted the Maidan revolution as a step toward “democratic” values, the new Ukraine may have succeeded in looking eerily like the USA prior to the Civil Rights Movement… it’s facing systemic issues with racism. Last month, Asi, a 23-year-old refugee from Sierra Leone, boarded a bus with her 8-month-old son in Užgorod. After living in the Ukraine for six months, says she’d experienced racism on almost a daily basis. However, upon boarding the bus, a violent outcry from the other passengers confronted her. They shouted, “She’s not like us! Tie her to the fence together with the kid!” Violently forced off by the passengers, Asi was left standing on the street as the bus driver called the police. The police handcuffed the young mother and inexplicably carried her away. This story, which made the headlines of a number of Ukrainian newspapers last month, is only one example of several in a recent wave of racism to hit the post-Maidan Ukraine. Many black individuals, be they residents…

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