Zakharchenko sez We Won’t Build a Strong DNR Without the Active Work of Our Youth

Voices from Russia

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Today, in a special message marking International Youth Day (International Youth Day is on 12 August; the UN General Assembly established it in 1999), DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko pointed up that young People in the DNR are directly involved in the struggle for the Republic’s future, both in the military on the fighting line and in building peace, as well. He said, “You’re our future. In many ways, everything that we do, we do for you; however, I’m convinced that without your selfless participation in constructing a strong and independent state, it simply won’t happen. On the one hand, young people create social projects, they contribute to the development of our economy and industry, and they help in patriotic education; on the other hand, side-by-side with experienced fighters, they fight the invaders with arms in hand. Today, in our country, it’s really a time for young…

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