Radioactive Threat Posed by Yuny Communar Mine Overblown in Junta Media

Voices from Russia

00 donetsk mine. 01.04.15


A number of Ukrainian media outlets alleged that the Yuny Communar Mine flooded; supposedly, this’d cause radioactive water to soon flow into the streams feeding the Donbass watershed. In response, nuclear physicist Fyodor Baryakhtar, head of the DNR Committee of Environmental Technology and Innovation, told us that the radiation level of the Yuny Communar Mine in Yenakiyevo poses no threat to human health or wellbeing, even if it floods completely, saying, “I can confidently say that it’s totally safe, there’s no radioactivity there”. On 16 September 1979, Soviet scientists detonated a nuclear weapon in the Yuny Communar Mine at a depth of 800 metres. They intended the explosion to reduce methane gas emissions through the formation of a glazed capsule over the shaft. However, the experiment wasn’t successful, for the methane level only reduced slightly; methane leaks continued until the end of coalmining at the site in 2002. The Ukrainian media…

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