First Anniversary of the First Humanitarian Aid Convoy from the Russian Federation… The New “Road of Life” Rolls On

Voices from Russia

00 I V Plotnitsky 01 200815


Today, during a formal event in honour of the first humanitarian aid convoy from the Russian Federation last year, where he gave official thanks and state awards to MChS Rossii personnel, Chairman of the LNR Government I V Plotnitsky said:

That first convoy brought us things that we lacked at that time… mini-generators, food, and water… but the most important thing that the convoy brought wasn’t that… it brought us hope and faith. Thanks to those who brought us that humanitarian aid in August 2014, today, our Republic knows tranquillity and peace. A year ago, Lugansk was under virtually blockade, we didn’t have electricity, water, or communications, our shops and pharmacies lay shuttered… we had almost nothing. That first convoy, whose anniversary of departure is tomorrow, rolled down the road unarmed. It came under the artillery fire of the Banderovtsy, who tried to close down the road, to put us…

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