Basurin sez Possible Junta Attack Might Follow Two Probable Scenarios

Voices from Russia

00 E A Basurin 01. 04.06.15


Today, Colonel E А Basurin, DNR Deputy Minister of Defence, told journalists that the Ukrainian side could launch an attack on DNR using two probable scenarios, saying, “The first scenario posits that Ukrainian special services would commit splashy terrorist acts in public places in their occupied territory on Ukrainian Independence Day, using these as provocations to hurl accusations at our leadership. Indeed, they could even use one of their senior political or military figures as a victim. The second scenario would entail them committing a terrorist action on major social infrastructure objects in the Republic, to cause many civilian casualties. For example, the aggressors could fire a Tochka-U tactical missile into the Donetsk city centre. The Ukrainian special services would blame it on our leadership, presenting it as a planned provocation on our part, to justify launching an offensive against the DNR. The Kiev authorities would want to use such…

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