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…все что делают США – это ответы на получаемые от мистера Путина удары. А стратегия России такая – выбить из под ног США табуретку. То есть лишить доллар значения мировой платежной… More
Russia vs USA-our forum

… Everything that makes us-it is the answers to the resulting from Mr Putin strikes. A strategy of Russia’s so-beat out from under your feet USA Stool. I mean to deprive the dollar value of the world the payment system. The us there are mainly due to the fact that all the countries of the world are paying them interest from all conducted through American banks currency transactions in dollars.

Attempt to qaddafi and hussein go to pay for oil on the national currencies of the past has led to the death, and their country to destruction. With Russia such a trick didn’t work out. Because Putin under the cover of manipulation сердюкова, who pretended that destroys the army, drugged vigilant of the west and secretly has created a new army. And in addition for 6 years-from 2008 to 2014 in 4 created them outside of the budget was able to hold the pmcs combat training part of the officer s’Corps and swat team with the participation of the top of the world’s trainers.

The us will not be able to inflict on Russia strike not having received a response. United States of America-country never which knew what is war. Therefore, they are not ready to bear the loss. I had to in one country to act with them side by side. They’re after the first losses right gets lost. They can fight only full power when their or 100 on one or a complete dominance in the defeat-tanks, artillery aircraft.

Remember and write us in what war usa won, except of Grenada… Where’s 800 local soldiers and 400 Cubans without artillery stood against 30 000 the army with aviation and armor supported by powerful navy. Fallujah in Iraq has shown that in land transactions of the American Army is nothing. They can only be bombarded with impunity and to let cruise missiles… With impunity… And lie….

In Yugoslavia, where there was no modern complexes defences, according to official figures, NATO, for 11 weeks of operation “Federal power” (Allied Force) combat losses of the alliance of aviation amounted to $ 2 the plane. In addition, not for reasons of war was lost 2 planes and 2 chopper. That’s what stated the us and its allies.

On 15 June 1999, the chief of the general staff of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Dragoljub Ojdanić announced that by this time, the air force and air defence of the country have destroyed 61 plane, 7 helicopters, 30 unmanned aerial vehicles and 238 cruise missiles. That’s what it was сбито over the territory of Yugoslavia. But now the rulers of the new serbia refused and for loyal figure believe that what filed by the Americans and NATO.

Their loss of which it was impossible not to admit, the allies took as not fighting… Let’s say, 1 may 1999, Montenegro over the sea in the eyes of many witnesses collapsed in the sea plane av-8 Harrier II (number 164568, 365 Squadron in the United States Marine Corps). It goes without saying that a disaster happened in the course of the training of departure-it is on such a version of insists the Pentagon.

Not less sad ran out of two training and awareness-training departure apache helicopters-drums car crashed in the mountains on the border of Serbia and of Albania in the night on 26 April, and, accordingly, on 5 may 1999,. The first time without casualties, the second time “Apache” killed both of crew members. The reason for the fall? Well, of course, the Pentagon links both catastrophe with the navigation errors. And so on, the list can lead a huge

It is not often that meets the reference to the fact that the losses among the “Невидимок” was, at least, two: 21 April 1999 with the plane (F-117 a (Number 86-0837), Carrying out a combat flight in the course of the nato operation against Yugoslavia, there has been a “incident of class a”. Under this name in the United States air force are undergoing severe accidents, usually resulting in loss of life / write-off of the aircraft.

As there is no evidence of the fall of the aircraft in the territory of the fry or neighbouring states, the plane, most likely, crashed on takeoff or landing in join on one of the airbases натовских. What exactly does not exclude the impact on his design of an enemy fire-the plane could get damaged over the purpose of that, ultimately, caused his death or severe damage during an attempt to land.

And so on….. In Iraq already lie overhaul… I have spoken with two Iraqi officers, выезжавшими with families in Europe. So that’s-they served in гвардейской division and told that their just betrayed. Division did an order to leave the positions and to step back from Baghdad, leaving the league with heavy machinery and artillery… I mean put l / c in the trucks and taken away, and there’s the second order-division disbanded and all demobilized. Everywhere The Signatures of Hussein. He was captured in the very beginning of the war and then allegedly found…. The Iraqi army fought back in two places-in fallujah and in the south in basra, where couldn’t bribe commanders. Basra take the combined forces so and we couldn’t. Bombing bombed but were not able to take…

Its loss in Afghanistan, the us has officially set in… 14 people…. Although in front of me when I was in Kabul in the embassy they have literally destroyed damsel in an ambush company paratroopers and 4 Apache… Only 214 people just killed….

As the United States is stifling Russia, if the United States has increased as far as you know trade turnover with Russia at 22 %? What a shot? Yeah, if it weren’t for nuclear weapons, there would be a long time ago was attacked by a bunch of…. But Putin warned-attack on Russia would take it the war for the existence of the Russian state and Russian people… This will be the last war, just for existence.

You’re up there don’t even know why we’re evil…..

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