The horrors caused by the USA & UK’s indiscriminate use of depleted uranium in Iraq, they must be made to pay

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The WHOreport onthe hiddenUScrimes in Iraq

It is aglobalscandalthat couldname theOMSgate. SinceNovember 2012,the WHO (WorldHealth Organization) blocks the release of itsreport onthe devastating effects ofbombing with depleteduranium (DU: radioactive wasteresulting from theenrichment of uraniumfor civilianreactorsmilitary) on the health ofthe Iraqi population.Indeed,following the publicationof the rankinglate 2014Censored2015,university programlists the25 largestglobal informationandcensoredby the press, it appears that WHOhas censoredits own reportprepared with the assistanceof the MinistryIraqiHealth regardingthe healthsurvey inIraq andon the consequencesof US andBritish bombingto the population. This survey wasconducted among10,800householdsin 18 districtsspreadat a rate of600 households

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