DNR Peoples Soviet Deputy Anzhelika Dobros: State Heraldry Personifies the State and Its Ideology

Voices from Russia

00 dnr medals 01 130915


00 dnr medals 02 130915


00 dnr medals 03 130915


Ideologically correct national symbols, complying with all the heraldic canons, are important in the DNR’s development. Anzhelika Dobros, head of the Department of Military Awards and Heraldry of the DNR Minoborony, DNR Peoples Soviet Deputy, and Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Construction, offered these comments:

I took office in August 2014. At that time, for a month, nothing seemed to happen. I went through the papers; the documents were all in a mess. We began to look for people to restore the awards lists. People changed their contact info, so, it was very difficult to find them and restore lost documents. Therefore, we moved slowly, created an electronic database, and processed documents. At that time, the only DNR awards were the Order of St Nicholas, the St George Cross, and the medals “For Military Merit” and “For the Defence of Slavyansk”. Then…

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