Gorlovka Opened New Gas Pipeline to Provide Heat for More than 640 Families

Voices from Russia

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Today, Donbassgaz employees started up a new gas boiler in Gorlovka to provide heat for more than 640 families in Rtutny Micro-Raion. They hooked up ten apartment buildings to the gas supply grid; the cost of the project exceeded 750,000 Roubles (77,000 Renminbi. 787,000 INR. 12,200 USD. 15,700 CAD. 16,600 AUD. 10,700 Euros. 7,900 UK Pounds). Sergei Filippov, Head of Donbassgaz, Maksim Leshchenko (who lit the ceremonial torch), Head of Administration for the DNR Chairman of the Government, Roman Khramenkov, Head of the Gorlovka  GMA*, Donbassgaz staff, and locals attended the launch ceremony. Filippov said:

Today, the appropriate agencies carried out the instructions of [Chairman Zakharchenko] on the building of 340 metres of pipeline to connect boiler station №25 to the main gas supply grid permanently. The fighting in the city on 18 January damaged the high-pressure gas supply pipeline serving northeastern Gorlovka. Donbassgaz staff managed to…

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