UN suspected of smuggling CIA agents into Yemen

The Wall Will Fall

[This is a translation of an article that appeared in Al Akhbar [Arabic] a few days ago. Link below.]

Ansar Allah detain two Americans on Espionage Charges 

Two Americans have been under surveillance who have regularly visited the site that is the current temporary residence of the UN team.  The UN are based in the Sheraton Hotel in Yemen’s capital Sanaa.

This hotel had been used previously by the US diplomatic mission until it’s evacuation from Sanaa early 2015.   The U.S. Diplomatic Mission allowed the UN to to work from these premises temporarily until it could be considered safe for the Mission to return to Yemen once the hostilities had ceased.

The UN does not pay anything for the use of the facility and is not responsible for the maintenance of the premises that belong to the US Foreign Affairs Ministry but events over the last two weeks reveal that perhaps the UN…

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