OFFICIAL. Zakharchenko: We Never Said that We Were at War with the Ukrainian People!

Voices from Russia

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At a press conference in Donetsk, Head of the DNR Government A V Zakharchenko stated:

We never said that we were at war with the Ukrainian people! We’ve always stated that we fight against fascists and Banderovtsy. We don’t think that the Ukrainian people are our opponents. We always treated them with respect, and in every statement that I’ve made, I called on Ukrainians to come to their senses and throw out this illegal putschist régime. We’d give them any help they need in doing this. There’s an old proverb, “You don’t mess with the rules in another’s monastery!” I’d point up that we’d reject all those who espouse the Banderist ideology. However, we’re always glad to see friendly sorts in our parts, as well as those people who need a hand… especially children, the elderly, and women.

28 November 2015

DNR Online

DNR official website



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