Israel Strikes Hezbollah in Syria: Key Takeaways and Comparisons

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Andrei AKULOV | 23.12.2015 | 00:00

On Dec.19, Israeli forces launched a missile strike that killed Samir Kuntar, a senior Hezbollah leader, and several others in Syria. Over the course of the Syrian conflict, Israeli warplanes have hit targets inside the war-torn country several times, with most of those strikes said to be against weapons deliveries meant for Hezbollah.

According to the United Nations peacekeeping force along the Lebanese-Israeli border, there was an exchange of fire the next day after the attack that appeared to have concluded without casualties or escalation — suggesting that both sides had carried out essentially symbolic strikes in their customary effort to avoid another war.

Israel has formally kept out of Syria’s civil war which started almost five years ago but has bombed Hezbollah targets there without publicly acknowledging these sorties.

This is not the first attack after the Russian military operation in Syria kicked…

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