Ukrainian nationalist leader: “ISIS is our ally in the struggle against Russia” – Novorossia Today

Yes of course, you slimy bastards are , your all baptised by the same bloody cloth of Western Imperialism ….Western money ….proxy soldiers that sold out on their own heritage , their own values , their own true nationalism ….exchanged for US/UK interests ….same as with Bosnian Muslims , mujahideen that tore up Yugoslavia , all these terrorists groups do have a common link , a common sponsor , a common financier , we should never over look these facts ….kiev government , or so called government !!!!! Is an illegitimate ,illegal puppet or vassal government , never once voted by the citizens of Ukraine ….UKRAINE needs to rid themselves of this cancerous tumor , hold a true legitimate referendum to install a government that reflects the PEOPLES wishes …..i personally believe zakharchenko would be the ideal person , to be nominated…people trust and love him , and i myself trust ,respect and honor ….we have to get these nazi -fascist  junta scumbags the hell out


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